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Minis form a large part of my life. I am the Merchandise Officer for the Portsmouth and Southampton Mini Owners Club, the founder and photographer for Mini Madness and I regularly contribute to Modern MINI Magazine.

I currently have two Minis in my life. My Classic Mini named WinnieP who is a 95 Red Sprite with some modifications to her which include a custom black and red dash and 12″ Revolutions. Me and my Mum; Sheila, decided to share ownership of a Classic Mini after completing the London to Brighton Mini Run in 2011.

WinnieP made her way into our lives in June of 2011.

My other MINI is my daily drive of whom I received from my Mum for my 17th birthday. She is an R50 in Indi Blue with two wide Stripes all over which has heavily influenced her name. Pretty obvious that she is called Stripes. Before she belonged to me, she belonged to my Mum and I can remember in full detail the weeks we spent configuring her.

Stripes means the world to me and I know everyone says that about their MINI but, I have such a strong bond with her. She’s the first car I drove, the car I learnt to drive in as well as the car I took my test in (and passed first time by the way!) and I take her to almost every single show that I attend.

Because of my passion for Minis and Photography, I decided to combine the two and set up Mini Madness in 2012 along with a good friend of mine; Joseph Steel.

Mini Madness is a product of SammieeePhotography and Joe Steel Art and Photography. We bring Mini imaging from a range of Mini and classic car events.

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