MINI brings back Ice Blue with Special Edition

TEXMINI USA is bringing back one of its most popular colors of all time – Ice Blue. The color is bring brought back for only a few weeks of production and will be limited to no more than 500 units total.T

In many ways this another stab by MINI USA to put interesting, well composed (and well priced) cars on dealer lots. While the Gulf livery might be a bit much for some, we for one love the idea of this being in showrooms and on the roads. We also applaud the return of Ice Blue – one of all our time favorite colors. Now lets see if they can get Indie Blue back.

MotoringFile has the original story here.

One thought on “MINI brings back Ice Blue with Special Edition

  1. Now if they only respected their own product enough to not provided return customers with such pitiful low ball buy back amounts.

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