200 miles behind the wheel of a JCW Clubman

MINI has ever been about raw performance and clearly the JCW Clubman can’t win against the Golf R or the Focus RS on a track. But where it does win is in the total package. Everyday usefulness, efficiency and unique design, the new JCW is blends what the Clubman shape with the performance of the JCW brand.

In some ways the JCW Clubman is perhaps a better comparison to BMW 330i with the M Sport package or an older Audi S4 in its overall ownership experience – two cars well over $60k moderately equipped. And yet the JCW is more unique. There’s a playfulness to the JCW that those higher-priced and higher-performance cars don’t have. Add to this its ability to be had with a manual and the JCW Clubman becomes a very interesting option and worth the money.

MotoringFile has the original story here.

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