Driving this motorcycle-powered Mini is the best kind of crazy

Lunacy begins with a fresh-off-the-boat 1990 Japanese market Mini Cooper–just a few of these were originally exported to Japan in left-hand drive. The rear seats are removed, and in their place is the 998cc engine out of a Kawasaki ZX10R. It makes just under 200hp at around 13,000rpm, feeding the power to the Mini’s rear wheels through a sequential gearbox via a chain drive.

As you get closer, you note the details. The rear diffuser is a custom piece, framing a stubby exhaust pipe that retains the ZX’s factory titanium headers. Each hand-cut side-window has NACA ducts for air intake, and the engine itself is crowned by four individually handmade velocity stacks. Beneath the surface, modifications to the subframe allow most of the ZX’s original engine mounts to be retained. Inboard of the tiny wheels sit 8.4″ brakes with four-piston calipers, vented in front and solid in back.

Road and Track has the original story here.

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