MINI International #40

From MINI Space: Jazzing it up in New Orleans, exploring the byways of Berlin – this issue of The MINI International is going its own way.

Think of a MINI, and several words spring to mind. Individual. Innovative. Idiosyncratic. That’s the spirit we’re channelling in this issue of The MINI International, which leaves the predictable behind and accelerates away in search of the offbeat. We take a musical tour of New Orleans’ avenues in the company of local band The Revivalists. We follow illustrator Frank Höhne as he circles his native city of Berlin in search of inspiration for his quirky drawings.

Take in some of the highlights from the new edition here on MINI Space, or head over to the Apple iTunes Store where you can find the 10 most exciting articles of this issue, plus bonus material and films on the MINI International iPad app, free of charge. Get it now!

MINI Space has more about the latest issue here
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