New GP Will Be Fastest MINI Ever

MINI is hard at work on the newest interpretation of the Works GP which was recently spotted testing.  Kay Segler, the senior vice president of the MINI brand, has said the vehicle will debut in around five weeks time at MINI United.  That’s exciting, but not nearly as much as news that the new machine is plenty quick.  Spy photographers spotted the Cooper S JCW GP just outside of the infamous Nürburgring.  Segler says he’s personally driven the machine, and that he knows for a fact that the vehicle is a full 20 seconds faster around the road course than its predecessor.

Twenty seconds is a huge amount of time in any form of motorsports, and that’s doubly true for ‘Ring times.  The original Cooper S JCW GP boasted just 215 horsepower but shed an impressive amount of weight to stay quick.  The new model is expected to bring around 220 hp to the party along with significant weight reductions of its own.  Still, a mere 5-hp nudge hardly explains a 20-second improvement around the Nürburgring!

AutoBlog has more on this story here.

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