Event – MINI Cooper Day at Beaulieu

The MINI Cooper Day at Beaulieu has always been one of the best events of the year and remains my personal favorite.  Back in 2005, when I first purchased my MINI, Beaulieu was the first event I attended and I’ve been back every year since.  In past years the weather has always been wonderful, but on this day the southern England was continuing to be battered by lashing rain and howling winds.  The result of this was a curtailed event and fewer cars on show than in previous years.

Whilst most of my friends from P&SMOC and SCNM were cleverly sheltering from the weather, I took it upon myself to take as many photos as I could before I finally surrendered to the inevitable and made my soggy way home.  Lets hope next year’s event is back to being warm and dry!

Take a look at our gallery of photos from a very wet Beaulieu here.
Take a look at a gallery of photos from the 2010 Beaulieu here
Take a look at a gallery of photos from the 2009 Beaulieu here.

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