2017 Countryman officially the safest MINI ever

As the largest model in the history of the brand, the new MINI Countryman offers spaciousness and driving properties combined with maximum flexibility. Now it also stands out with regard to safety after receiving top marks in this area. The premium compact model achieved the top 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test. The…

MINI Customer Service – Good To Deal With

I would like to be able to say that it is a personal experience with MINI Customer Services, however that would mean that I have achieved a (seemingly impossible) dream of owning a MINI! This story comes from Eagleswings on the MINI2 forum: MINI Bursts Into Flames MINI Bursts Into Flames I am a driving…

The Torchwood MINI Show

Okay, not really.  It’s a nice attention-grabbing headline though, isn’t it?  The reason for this update is to inform everyone of a fantastic event taking place on June 19th in Cardiff.  The Cardiff MINI Club will be holding their annual MINI in the Bay in aid of charity.  The event consists of a short run…

New Server Goodness!

So, with a little over 24 hours since I decided to move server, it’s done – at least for this domain! There will be a few kinks until I can get them all ironed out, in the meantime we return you to your scheduled programming! Many thanks for your patience!

You Utter Bastards

No less bad language can be used: Jiffy At Brooklands: Jiffy this morning: You selfish wankers.  If we ever find out who did this they will feel the full force of the law and then some. Read about it on the P&SMOC Forum. It was in a locked garage!